For eye glasses, safety goggles, and treated lenses of all types

Our two fluids come in bottles of every shape and size! Pick your bottle type and either Pure Sight or Fog Be Gone, and we can ship it. 

This chart can help you select the best product for you needs. Using the picture above, pick your ideal type of bottle. The item number for that size bottle filled with your choice of Pure Sight or Fog Be Gone can be found under the respective column. If you'd like to learn more about our two fluids, please click here.

Bottle Type Pure Sight Fog Be Gone Items/Case
1 1 Gallon bottles
700PS 700FBG 4
2 16oz Boston Round Bottle
716PS 716FBG 12
3 16oz Boston Round Bottle with Spray Pump 716PP 716FP 12
4 16oz Modern Round Bottle 716MP 716MF 12
5 8oz Modern Round Bottle
708PS 708FBG 20
6 8oz Modern Round Bottle with Spray Pump 708PP 708FP 20
7 2oz Bottle
702PS Not Available 50
8 2oz Bottle with Flip Top
Not Available 702FBG 50
9 2oz Bottle the Spray Pump 702PPS 702PFBG 50
10 225ml Oval Bottle with Pump 75008 Not Available 50

We also sell the empty bottles and pumps for many of the products listed above

 1 - Product# PB16 - 16 oz Boston Round Bottle
 2 - Product# PB16M - 16 oz Modern Round Bottle
 3 - Product# PB8 - 8oz Bottle
 4 - Product# 75009 - 225 ml Oval Bottle
 5 - Product# SP16H - Hooded Pump for 16 oz Bottle
 6 - Product# SP16T - Trigger Pump for 16 ox Bottle
 7 - Product# SP8 - Pump for 8oz Bottle
 8 - Product# SP225 - Pump for 225 oz Bottle
 9 - Product# SP2 - Pump for 2 oz Bottle

Disposable Stations 

Wipes and solution in one convenient package

Get the best of both worlds with a liquid spray and towelettes! We offer stations that include either our Pure Sight or Fog Be Gone solutions as well as accompanying towelettes. They come in 2 sizes!

These  disposable stations feature our paper tissues with a spray bottle in a smooth cardboard box. Perfect for laboratories where contamination and cleanliness are a concern, or for convenience anywhere that lens cleaning is needed. 

Contains 1200 interfolded 5" x 8" tissues that may be pulled out individually from 4 side pockets. The center bottle has 16oz of the fluid of your choice with a spray pump for convenience. The 1200 series comes in cases of 4 cardboard  stations.
Product# 1200PS  - Pure Sight 16oz spray with 1200 tissues 
Product# 1200FBG - Fog Be Gone 16 oz spray with 1200 tissues

Contains 600 interfolded 5" x 8" tissues that may be pulled out individually from 2 side pockets. The center bottle has 8oz of the fluid of your choice with a spray pump for convenience. The 600 series comes in cases of 8 cardboard stations.
1 - Product# 600PS -  Pure Sight 8oz sprat with 600 tissues 
2 - Product# 600FBG - Fog Be Gone 8oz spray with 600 Tissues

Contains 760 wet-strength 5" x 6 3/4" tissues with a 2oz spray bottle of our Pure sight formula. The bottle is off-set for ease of access to the spray. The M20 product comes in cases of 20 stations per case.
Available with our Pure Sight solution
1 - Product# M20 -  Mini Disposable Lens Cleaning Station with Pure Sight

Contains 760 interfolded tissues in a slightly different configuration. These 4.5" x 5" tissues pop out from the bottom of this dispenser. The are accompanied by an 8oz spray bottle with your choice of Pure Sight or Fog Be Gone. These stations are sold in cases of 10 stations.
1 - Product# PL800PS - Pure Sure station with 8ox spray and tissues
2 - Product# PL800FBG - Fog Be Gone station with 8oz bottle  and tissues

Metal Stations

Heavy duty station containers

These heavy metal stations rock! The rugged metal exterior will last the test of time. They include a way to attach them to the wall for convenience and ease of access. They come ready to use with one bottle of the liquid of your choice and two packages of wet-strength wipers. The paper refills are sold as 851T and can be found on the Paper Products page. 

This station includes a 16oz bottle of your choice of Pure Sight or Fog Be Gone, as well as two packages of 760 5" x 8" interfolded wipers. The unit is lockable and includes a way for you to attach it to the wall. For your convenience, there is a compartment for used tissue waste, so all lens cleaning can be done in one convenient station! These are sold individually in cases of 1.

1 - Product# 851D - Empty Dispenser Only
2 - Product# 851DFP - Dispenser filled with Pure Sight
3 - Product# 851DFF - Dispenser Filled with Fog Be Gone
Replacement bottles are 716PP (Pure Sight) and 716FBG (Fog Be Gone). Or, you can purchase the gallon bottles seen above for refills at your convenience

860D - DispenserThe Dispenser Wall Cabinet makes a convenient station for cleaning goggles and lenses - it includes one pump bottle and 2 cases of760  5" x 8" interfolded wipers. It is also lockable, and sold in cases of 2 stations
1 - Product# 860D - Empty Dispenser
 2 - Product# 860DFP - Dispenser filled with Pure Sight
                                                                         3 - Product# 860DFF - Dispenser filled with Fog Be Gone

Alcohol-Free Lens Cleaning

Cleaning lenses where alcohol isn't wanted

New! Our Clear-View solution is great for sensitive situations where the "drying out" associated with alcohol isn't wanted. We offer this solution in a station for extra convenience, as well as bottle and gallon refills.

- Product# 1520AF - Station contains 1520 interfolded tissues and a 16oz spray bottle of  our Clear-View alcohol-free cleaning solution. Sold in cases of 6 stations
- Product# 700AF - 1 Gallon bottle of Clear-View meant for refilling stations or use with wipes. Sold in cases of 4 gallon bottles
- Product# 716AF - 16oz spray bottles of Clear-View meant for easy replacement in stations or use with wipes. Sold in cases of 12 spray bottles

Also, if you like our Alcohol Free Respirator wipes, we also offer that in a fluid! This offers more options for cleaning surfaces, linings, and face pieces where hygiene is the major priority. This item is sold in a station or in bottles for refills or use on their own.

950DSN Station Product# 950DSN - Alcohol free PPE Station includes 16oz spray bottle of PPE cleaning fluid as well as 1200 wipes (4 boxes). Sold in cases of 4 stations.
-Product# 960PN - 16oz PPE cleaning solution filled bottle replacement. 12 bottles per case
-Product# 950GN - Gallon of PPE cleaning solution for refilling bottles in station. Sold 4 gallons/case

Anti-Fogging Pretreatment

Anti-Fogging gel to prevent fogging before it happens

New! Fog-Be Gone Extreme Anti-Fog Extreme treatment for safety glasses, goggles, and face shields. Ideal for the most extreme fogging conditions. This gel allows you to pre-treat your goggles or face-wear in order to stop fogging before it happens!

Fog Be Gone Extreme- For use on glass, polycarbonate, and coated surfaces where fogging is NOT wanted
- Each box comes with a tube of Fog-Be-Gone Extreme gel and lens tissue for easy application
- Sold in cases of 70 individual boxes
- Product# FBGE10100

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