Paper Products

Wipes, tissues and more!

We have a variety of wipes, paper products, and more to fill all of your cleaning needs! Whether it's for a heavy-duty cleaning job or a delicate process that requires low-lint wipes, we have products for you cleaning needs in the lab or industrial workplace.

Dry Paper wipes

Wipes meant for cleaning use - compatible with liquids

M60 All Purpose WipersOur M60 wipes are great for general cleaning needs. For lens cleaning, use the with either our Pure Sight or Fog Be Gone solutions. They are 4 7/8" X  7 7/8" and fit in our 600 and 1200 disposable series. These interfolded sheets pop up one at a time from the box
  • All purpose wipes - M60 - 300 interfolded sheets/box, 60 box/case

M60S Low-Lint WipersWe also offer Low Lint Wipers. Perfect for the most sensitive jobs in the laboratory, the drafting room, the clinic, or any electronic applications because of their anti-static film cover that prevents accumulation and production of dust. They are single ply in a pop-up box . Their dimensions are also 4 7/8" X  7 7/8".
  • Low Lint Wipers - M60S - 300 interfolded sheets/box, 60 boxes/case

850T and 852T

We also offer heavy duty wipes for the big cleaning jobs - our ScrimMagic line is nylon reinforced for enhanced cleaning

- 150 interfolded 9" x 16" wipes per box
- 10 boxes/case
- Pop up interfolded, nylon reinforced
- Shown left, large boxes
- Product# SM150B - Blue ScrimMagic Wipes
- Product# SM150W - White ScrimMagic Wipes

Station refills

For our metal stations and containers

851T Wipe RefilsEach of our stations comes with two packages of wipers - when they run out, we have refills! Each contains 760 interfolded tissues, and are sold 18 sleeves per case.
- Product# 851T- Refills for items 860D and 851T (also for pre-filled versions)
- Product# 351P - Refills for dispenser 351D - dispenser discontinued, refills still available

If you're looking for refills of the spray bottles, there are two options. If you'd like to refill the bottle with liquid, the gallon sizes work best. We also sell 16oz bottles that fit into the stations for easy replacement. The product numbers are here, and more information can be found on the liquids page. Gallons sold in cases of 4, 16oz bottles sold in cases of 12.
- Product# 700PS - Pure Sight Gallon Bottle - meant for refilling existing stations
- Product# 700FBG - Fog Be Gone Gallon Bottle - for refilling existing stations
- Product# 716PP - Pure Sight Filled 16oz Bottle Replacement
- Product# 716FP - Fog Be Gone Filled 16oz Bottle Replacement

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