Pure Sight and Fog Be Gone

Our two liquids up close

We offer multiple options for lens cleaning fluids. This page is meant to help you determine which is best for your company's needs. Most of our products are sold in fluids, stations, and pre-moistened towelettes, so the options are endless!

Pure Sight - This cleaning fluid is great for every-day cleaning needs. It had anti-static and anti-fogging properties, so it's perfect for all types of glass, plastic, and treated surfaces. Gentle enough to be used on delicate treated eyewear, but sturdy enough to get the job done. Many customers find it effective for monitors, televisions, and camera lenses as well - using a standard amount is safe and effective for cleaning.

Fog Be Gone - For more serious anti-fogging needs such as jobs with high temperature differences and extreme humidity. Fog Be Gone cleans surfaces while providing fog resistance. Safe for all surfaces including glass, polycarbonate, plastic, and electronics. Even treated surfaces and electronics can be cleaned and

Clear-View - An alternative to alcohol based solutions, this new product provides cleaning in situations where alcohol might not be appropriate. It is effective for

We also offer PPE cleaning solutions intended for respirators, but useful in many hygienic situations. We have Alcohol-Based and Non-Alcohol based cleaning solutions that primarily are sold in pre-moistened towelettes. They are great for respirators, hygienic liners, face masks, and surfaces that come into contact with many users. The Alcohol-Based solution is a stronger cleaning agent, perfect for heavy-duty cleaning jobs. The Non-Alcohol solution helps prevent the "drying out" associated with alcohol based solutions while still providing high quality hygienic cleaning.

While right now our Alcohol-based solution is only sold in moistened towelette form, the Non-Alcohol based solution is sold as a liquid in two bottle sizes as well as a convenient station.

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