For when other lens cleaning supplies can’t cut it, Magic’s Fog-Be-Gone steps up and takes the lead. Capable of being used on glass, plastic, polycarbonate, and electronics, Fog-Be-Gone is designed for jobs with high temperatures and extreme humidity. Fog-Be-Gone prevents glasses from fogging up and let’s you work uninterrupted longer! It even works on treated surfaces and sensitive electronics.

Since each company has different needs and requirements, Braco Manufacturing strives to make the perfect item for you. Find out which product from the Fog-Be-Gone family works best for you, today!


Our most popular item! This product comes in pre-moistened towelettes in our Fog-Be-Gone formula, designed to be the perfect amount of product to clean off a pair of glasses or a screen. Quick and efficient, TW100DS’s box is designed to open into a dispenser at the bottom, so you’ll never have to dig around for a towelette!

All you love about TW100DS, but in bulk! One box holds 1000 towelettes, and are not separated into dispensers like TW100DS.  

1200FBG and 600FBG

 A station designed with cleanliness in mind! Our 1200 series is disposable and includes 1200 interfolded 5”x8” paper tissues that come out of 4 different pockets and a 16 oz. pump bottle with our Fog-Be-Gone formula. Small and compact, these dispensers can be hung up easily on any wall or can be placed on a table or workbench. 

 Our 600FBG is created in the same style as the 1200FBG, but includes 600 tissues that come out of two pockets and has an 8 oz. Fog-Be-Gone bottle.  

Like our 1200FBG stations, but bigger! Includes 1520 interfolding tissues and a 16 oz. bottle, 1520FBG is designed for big companies who are always working!  

Designed to hang, this dispenser holds 760 interfolded tissues that pop out of the bottom of the dispenser. Along with the towels, this dispenser includes an 8 oz. Spray bottle of Fog-Be-Gone. Perfect for anybody who does not want a cardboard station! 


Clean in bulk or refill old bottles! 700FBG is a one gallon container of our Fog-Be-Gone formula. This formula can be used to clean screens, electronics, glass, and more! Braco suggests cleaning with our tissue products for best results.  


 Our Fog-Be-Gone formula in a Boston Round Bottle (16 oz.) bottle with pump, ready to be used. 716FBG can be used to replace bottles in our 1200FBG and 851DFF dispensers, as well. 


16 oz. of Fog-Be-Gone in a Boston Round Bottle. Easy to use for cleaning or refilling. 

16 oz. Fog-Be-Gone in a Modern Round Bottle. Can be used for cleaning or refilling. 


 8 oz. of our Fog-Be-Gone formula in a Modern Round Bottle, pump included! This product can be used for cleaning, also be used to replace empty bottles in our PL00FBG or 600FBG dispensers. 


8 oz. of our Fog-Be-Gone formula in a Modern Round Bottle. Can be used for cleaning or refilling. 

2 oz. of our Fog-Be-Gone formula with a Flip-Top Cap. Perfect for on the go cleaning, this small bottle is perfect to use in any situation when a quick cleaning is needed. 

2 oz. of our Fog-Be-Gone formula with a pump top. Clean glasses and screens within seconds, in the lab, warehouse, or office. 


 Take avoiding fog and humidity to the extreme with Fog-Be-Gone Extreme! This item is designed as a kit to protect safety glasses, goggles, and face shields. Made of a lens tissue and gel, this is safe for all polycarbonate and glass surfaces. 

851DFF and 860DFF

If our disposable dispensers didn’t interest you, then maybe a heavy duty metal dispenser is more what you’re looking for. This station keeps supplies locked safe and includes 760 wet-strength wipers and one 16 oz. bottle of Fog-Be-Gone. This dispenser can be hung up on the fall for easy access and reach. Our 860DFF model holds two boxes of our 5”x8” interfolded wipes and one 8 oz. pump bottle of Fog-Be-Gone.