Designed with Personal Protective Equipment cleaning in mind, Magic’s Respirator and PPE Cleaning products comes both alcohol-based and alcohol-free.

Use our alcohol-free formula, for situations where “drying out” from alcohol-based formulas want to be avoided. Our alcohol-based fluid can be used for cleaning silicone, plastic face pieces, mouth pieces respirators, hard hat liners, and more!

ST100DN and ST100DNA

These cleaning towelettes are ready to clean when you are! In hassle-free individual towelettes in a box that becomes a dispenser, avoid dirty equipment with ease!


Clean all of your PPE with our disposable cleaning stations! Easy to hang on a wall or place on a table, this station has four pockets of 300 wet-strength wiper tissue packs (1200 total) and one 16 oz. spray bottle. Perfect for when you need a cleaning station to be compact, but hold a lot.


Refill your bottles for Non-Alcohol PPE cleaning with our 1 gallon bottle of this ready-to-use formula.  


Replace empty bottles in your 950DSN station or clean on the go with this 16 oz. spray bottle.


These large towelettes are designed to clean it all. While our classic towelettes are 5”x8”, these are 9”x 10”! Let these alcohol free wipes take care of any and all personal protective equipment cleaning challenges. Lower cost alternative to the major National Brands!