Our Towelettes

For eye glasses, safety goggles, and treated lenses of all types

We have a variety of types of towelettes, including those with our Pure Sight and Fog-Be-Gone formulas. We also have wipes specifically meant for respirators and headgear as well as dry wipes.

All of our pre-moistened towelettes are individually wrapped and dated to ensure convenience, effectiveness and safety. 



For lenses, polycarbonate, glass, and screens

Our two solutions come in pre-moistened towelettes. These are perfect for cleaning lenses - quick, convenient, and disposable. They are appropriate not just for glass and plastic, but also polycarbonate, treated surfaces, and computer/television screens. Our Pure Sight formula is great for no-streak cleaning, while Fog-Be-Gone provides cleaning power with anti-fogging solution. To learn more about which liquids is right for your job, click here


- 100 towelettes per dispenser

- 10 dispensers per case 

- 5"x8" individually wrapped

Product# TW100D (above) - Pure Sight Towelettes
Product# TW100DS (right) - Fog-Be-Gone Towelettes


If you prefer, we also sell the above products in bulk. These contain the same 1000 towelettes per case, but they are not separated into the dispenser boxes you see above.
- Product# TW100B - Pure Sight Bulk Towelettes
- Product# TW100BS - Fog Be Gone Bulk Towelettes

If you would like dry or low-lint towelettes, please check out our Paper Products page to learn more about dry paper options. They work perfectly with any of our fluids for lens cleaning or general workplace care.

We also sell stations that provide our fluids and dry wipes in a set. They come in a variety of sizes, and have options for tabletop or wall storage.

Respirator Wipes

For respirators, face pieces, and sensitive liners

We offer wipes moistened with solution with and without alcohol. The non-alcohol solution is perfect for cleaning sensitive respirators and mouth pieces. It avoids the problem of "drying out" associated with alcohol based cleaners, and it works on all latex and rubber pieces. The solution with alcohol is best for the heavy duty cleaning of silicone and plastic liners, respirators, and mouth pieces.


Non-Alcohol Respirator Wipes
-Product# ST100DN (left)
Alcohol Respirator Wipes
-Product# ST100DNA (below)

Both products contain 100 towelettes per dispenser, with 10 dispensers per case.


If you prefer, we also sell either of these towelette products in bulk as well; the bulk box contains the same 1000 towelettes as a case of the dispensers shown above, but the towelettes are loose in the box instead of packed into the dispensers.
- Product# ST100BN - Bulk Alcohol-Free Respirator Wipe Towelettes (1000/case)
- Product# ST100BNA - Bulk Alcohol-Based Respirator Wipe Towelettes (1000/case)


The alcohol-free respirator wipes also come in larger sizes for the big jobs! These are 9"x10" and come individually wrapped. Each case contains 10 boxes of 100 individual towelettes.

-Product# ST100L - Large Alcohol-Free Respirator Wipes


For any of our 100 series towelette dispensers

We offer a convenient way to attach our dispensers to the wall. This durable wall mount holds any of our towelette dispensers shown above. It works for product numbers TW100D, TW100DS, ST100DN and ST100DNA and keeps your towelettes conveniently on the wall and out of your way until you need them.

-Sold individually in cases of 1
-Heavy duty metal frame won't bend or break
-Holds one case of any of the 100 series products
-Convenient wall attachment
-Easy to refill

Product# DIS001 - Metal Wall Mount for 100 Series Products