Pure Sight

 Pure Sight is the perfect formula for all of your cleaning supplies. Its anti-static and anti-fogging properties are delicate enough to be used for eye-wear, monitors, televisions, and camera lenses. Clean any and all screens and see the magic of our products!

Since all companies are different, Braco Manufacturing offers different products that use our Pure Sight formula. Each one is unique like every company. Find the perfect fit for your company below.

Our most popular Magic item! These pre-moistened towelettes come in a dispenser that holds 100 individually wrapped towelettes per dispenser. The perfect size to clean a set of goggles or glasses, TW100D can be used on a variety of glass, plastic, and polycarbonate. 

All that you love about TW100D but in bulk! This carton contains 1000 towelettes without the dispensers. 

1200PS and 600PS

A disposable station that is convenient and easy to use. Coming in two different sizes, this dispenser that holds four or two pockets of our 5”x8” interfolded tissues. Along with these tissues comes a 16 oz. or 8 oz. Bottle of our Pure Sight formula. Whether you’re a small startup or a multi-million dollar company, these these two sizes are perfect for any sized company.


When cardboard dispensers are not wanted, consider this plastic alternative. Containing 760 interfolded towels, this hangable station holds an 8 oz. pump spray bottle on top and has the tissue dispenser on the bottom instead of on the sides. 


Clean in bulk or use to refill your preexisting bottles, Pure-Sight comes in one gallon bottles. Clean with our tissue products for an anti-static experience. 


Our Pure Sight formula in a Boston Round Bottle (16 oz.) bottle, ready to be used. 716FPS can be used to replace bottles in our 1200PS and 851DFP dispensers, as well. 


Enjoy all of Pure Sight in a 16 oz. Boston Round Bottle with a pump. Use this to clean or use to replace empty bottles in our 1200PS and 851DFP stations. 

Our Pure Sight formula in a 16 oz. Modern Round Bottle. Can be used for cleaning or refilling. 

Our Pure Sight formula in a 8 oz. Modern Round Bottle. Can be used for cleaning or refilling.  


Our Pure Sight formula in a 8 oz. Modern Round Bottle. Perfect for cleaning or refilling the pump bottles in our 600PS and PL800PS disposable models. 

Our Pure Sight formula in a 2 oz. bottle. Perfect for cleaning on the go cleaning and small needs.  

2 oz. of our Pure Sight formula with a pump top. Clean glasses and screens within seconds, whether you are in the lab, warehouse, or office. 

225 mL of our Pure Sight formula with a pump in an Oval Bottle.  

851DFP and 860DFP

If our disposable stations can’t hold up to your company, then we suggest our heavy duty metal stations! Sturdy and lockable, these dispensers hold either two 760 wet-strength wipers packets or one. These dispensers also hold a 16 oz. bottle of Pure Sight or an 8 oz. bottle.